0 01usv h Geiger Counter Nuclear Radiation Detector High Precision Display X ray Y ray B ray Tube Dosimeter Radioactive Monitor in Electromagnetic Radiation Detectors from Tools

0 01usv h Geiger Counter Nuclear Radiation Detector High Precision Display X ray Y ray B ray Tube Dosimeter Radioactive Monitor in Electromagnetic Radiation Detectors from Tools
0 01usv h Geiger Counter Nuclear Radiation Detector High Precision Display X ray Y ray B ray Tube Dosimeter Radioactive Monitor in Electromagnetic Radiation Detectors from Tools
0 01usv h Geiger Counter Nuclear Radiation Detector High Precision Display X ray Y ray B ray Tube Dosimeter Radioactive Monitor in Electromagnetic Radiation Detectors from Tools
0 01usv h Geiger Counter Nuclear Radiation Detector High Precision Display X ray Y ray B ray Tube Dosimeter Radioactive Monitor in Electromagnetic Radiation Detectors from Tools
0 01usv h Geiger Counter Nuclear Radiation Detector High Precision Display X ray Y ray B ray Tube Dosimeter Radioactive Monitor in Electromagnetic Radiation Detectors from Tools
0 01usv h Geiger Counter Nuclear Radiation Detector High Precision Display X ray Y ray B ray Tube Dosimeter Radioactive Monitor in Electromagnetic Radiation Detectors from Tools

Product Specification


is_customized: Yes

Function 1: Geiger Counter Nuclear Radiation Detector

Function 2: Beta Gamma X-ray tube Personal Dosimeter

Function 3: Personal Dosimeter

Function 4: Nuclear Radiation Detector

Function 5: High Precision

Function 6: Geiger Counter Nuclear Radiation Detector

Function 7: Radioactive Monitor

Function 8: X-ray Tube Dosimeter

Function 9: geiger counter

Function 10: Dosimeter

Function 11: gaiger counter

Function 12: dosimeter geiger counter

Function 13: geiger counter nuclear radiation detector

Function 14: radioactivity detector

Function 15: geiger tube

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High Precision 0.01usv/h Geiger Counter Nuclear Radiation Detector X-ray Y-ray B-ray tube Dosimeter Marble Radioactive Monitor


1,suitable for indoor and outdoor or other carry to find radioactive sources;

2,nuclear radiation detection;

3,mining exploration;

4,radiation measuring instrument;

5,Avoid radioactive sources;

6,detection of nuclear radiation intensity;

7,radioactive radiation measurement of marble;

8,Individual dose

9,uranium and other radiation measurement and so on.


1,operation is very simple, a button to achieve a variety of work mode transformation

2,handheld instrument design, built-in high-performance battery, suitable for outdoor carry

3,The G-M counter is compensated and the energy response is improved

4,detection of high sensitivity, especially for environmental radioactive monitoring and detection of micro-nuclear radiation

5,probe type, effective protection of the probe is not damaged

6,keep the count sound, can quickly determine the surrounding environment of the radiation, the rapid positioning of the exact location of the radiation source

7,anti-interference ability, in the complex electromagnetic environment can work reliably

8,instrument display accuracy up to 0.01μSv / h (CPM mode up to 1CPM)

9,widely used, can be used for home environment, daily necessities, mineral rock, decorative stone and other radioactive detection can      also be used for industrial or medical imaging equipment, radioactive leakage detection

10,professional company design can give buyers a strong support

11,Each instrument is calibrated with a source to ensure accurate and reliable measurement results

12,The sale of radiation equipment to provide an annual free calibration service

Selection Guide:

Model: GMJ3

Host volume: 135 * 70 * 25mm

Split cover leather tube volume: length 22cm, diameter 2.6cm

Product weight: 240g

Product Package Weight: 500g

14500 lithium battery (1200mah Built in)

Uses: carry, industrial, home, strong radioactive research, medical use, can detect Xγβ ray

GMJ3 precision is the level of scientific research.

GMJ3 cover leather tube is an external split (split to facilitate the detection of holes or pit)

The sensitivity GMJ3 is higher than GMV2:

GMJ3 precision up to 0.01usv / h, is the highest accuracy.

Product Display:



Product List:

Nuclear Radiation Detector * 1

leather covered external tube*1

Manual * 1

USB Cable * 1

14500 lithium battery(built in)


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Using an energy-compensated Geiger Muller tube at the ... 0.1-40 pSv/h 10.1 uSv /h-1 mSv/h|01 uSv/h-1 mSv/h|0.1 pSv/h-10 Sv/h (Pu-Be ... |1,0-5-105min=l.cm2.

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Set the conversion to 108CPM/uSv/hr from LND spec sheet. .... The dead time of this LND tube is quite low. https://www.lndinc.com/products/geiger-mueller-tubes/ 712-2/. .... certified from .01 uSv/h to 1250 uSv/h and has 350CPM per uSv/h ... Default dead time = 0 micro seconds so this will use the current ...

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First I wanted to make sure that GeigerLog supports all the new features, and so far the new GL version 0.9.08 does all of that! ... While the calibration factor of 0.0065 µSv/h/CPM for the 1st tube, the M4011, ... 32 CPM2nd : [CPM] 0.26 ± 0.548 0.30 0 . ...... Range of meter is listed as .01uSv/h to 1250uSv/h.

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This product is made of highly-sensitive Geiger counter sensor and the latest CMOS ... Use high quality Geiger counter sensor ... Less than 0 - 0.2 μSv / h.

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Nov 10, 2012 ... Calibration of instruments for area monitoring of H*(10) .............................................. .. 7 ..... and a Geiger Müller tube. The latter is chosen by ..... front of the detector 0.75 ± 0.01 μ Sv/h was recorded. The dose rates in relation.

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[0.01 µSv/h – 100 mSv/h] .... from 1 µRem/h to 25 mRem/h (0,01 µSv/h to 250 µSv /h) ..... Compact multi-purpose survey meter for Geiger-Mueller detectors.

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The RDS-30 is a geiger counter based on a GM-tube and is a survey meter for gamma radiation detector measuring ... Dose rate range: 0,01 µSv/h to 100 mSv/ h

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Response time for dose rate change. Overall dimensions, mm weight, kg. BDKG- 01. Geiger-. Mueller counter tube. 0.1. 10. µSv/h –. Sv/h. 0.1. 1. µSv –. 0 Sv.

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Key features of the SOEKS-01M Geiger Counter / Radiation Detector ... Range of indicated background radiation level, μSv / h ... such as: elevations of more than three times or a decrease of 10 times, the accuracy indicator is reset to zero.

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0.01 gray (Gy). 1 rem. = 0.01 sievert (Sv). 1 roentgen (R). = 0.000258 coulomb/ kilogram (C/kg). 1 megabecquerel (MBq). = 0.027 millicuries (mCi). 1 gray (Gy). = .

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THE DTG-01 DIGITAL GEIGER COUNTER is the only Geiger counter you will ... mR/hr resolution / 1000 mR/hr Range (Imperial measurements); 0.01 uSv/hr ...

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Geiger-Mueller tube. 0.01 pSv/h - 12.0 Sv/h. Two threshold levels within all measurement range. DE measurement range: - continuous photon radiation ( current).

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0,1…9 999; ±(15+2/H*(10))% where H*(10) - µSv/h. Gamma and X-ray radiation dose equivalent (137Cs). µSv. 0,001…9 999; ±15%. Beta-particles flux density ...

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6) Can Pocket Geiger detect alpha, beta and gamma radiation? Due to the ... 15) I got a reading in my house of .81 cpm, .05 +-0.01 µSv/h with a 1.97 RMS%.


in the range of 0 to 999,9 µSv/h with discreteness of 0.01 µSv/h. .... The gamma and beta radiation detector built on the basis of СБМ-20-1 Geiger-.

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Halogen quenched Geiger-Müller tube. □ Dynamic range: 0.1 µSv/h to 20 mSv/h . □ Energy range: 50 ... +49 (0)7081 177-0 · Fax +49 (0)7081 177-100. E-mail: ...

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